Why did I wait so long to get a bidet! - Katy R.

I never knew what I was missing! - Steve L.

So much better than toilet paper! - Ryan T.

Amazing! and so easy to use - Travis D.

I feel so fresh and clean after using my bidet - Jenn S.

Bidet seats are the ultimate in self care and personal hygiene.

Once you swap out your old toilet seat with a modern bidet seat, you will never go back to wiping with dry paper. Cleaning with water just makes sense!


Toss the toilet paper and join the movement!

Using a bidet seat will reduce your toilet paper usage by 80% or more! Save the trees and treat your tush at the same time.


Elevate your bathroom and treat your behind.

Start your journey of a healthier and cleaner lifestyle now. Browse our store of modern bidet seats and easily upgrade your toilet seat today.



The all new Alpha UX Bidet

Alpha UX Pearl Bidet Seat

Introducing the all new Alpha UX Pearl from Alpha Bidet. This next generation bidet seat combines the ultimate in luxury with the latest hygiene technology and does it all in a slim modern design.

Getting Started

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Hear from our customers

Love it
"The BB-2000 is a game-changer! I can't imagine going back to using just toilet paper. The warm water and adjustable settings provide the ultimate comfort and cleanliness."
Sarah M.
Can't beat it!
"The BioBidet BB-2000 exceeded my expectations. The heated seat and powerful water pressure make every bathroom visit a luxurious experience. Highly recommended!"
John D.
Alpha JX
"As a senior, the Alpha JX has been a blessing. The heated seat, warm water, and easy controls gave me some independence back. Highly recommend for anyone in need of extra care."
Matthew H.
Works great
"The Alpha JX bidet has transformed my bathroom experience. I love the oscillating cleanser and warm air dryer. I'm absolutely thrilled with it!"
Isabella M.
1st Bidet
"I'm loving the BB-2000! I can't believe I waited so long to get a bidet. It's so nice getting refreshingly clean every time."
Ryan T.
We love it!
"The Alpha UX has made me a bidet seat convert. It's a true game-changer. I can't imagine using a regular toilet again. Why did I wait so long?"
Nathan R.