Top Benefits of Using a Bidet

Water cleans you better

When it comes to cleaning anything, it almost always involves the use of water.  Your bum is no different.  Using water to clean yourself is simply more effective than a wipe with a handful of dry paper.  It's that simple.

Environmentally Friendly

Close to 10 million trees in North America are cut down every year for the production of US toilet paper consumption.  It also takes 37 gallons of water to produce just one roll of toilet paper.  Bidets are very eco-friendly by keeping more trees in the ground, reducing paper waste and lowering your water usage.

Improved Hygiene

The use of water while cleaning yourself, reduces the chance of bacteria germinating and spreading to other areas.  Bidets also provide a clean hands-free bathroom experience.  Just sit back, relax and let the bidet do all the work for you.

Cut back on toilet paper

Bidets reduce your toilet paper consumption by at least 80%. In fact, using the warm air dryer feature eliminates the need for toilet paper completely. So stop buying all that TP and flushing your money down the toilet.

Great for medical or mobility issues

Bidets are a life saver for those with medical conditions or any other health issues that can make wiping very difficult.  From recent surgeries, hemorrhoids, IBS or any other mobility issue, bidets bring relief by keeping you completely clean without the need to wipe yourself.

Hygienic for Women

Good Hygiene can be a challenge during menstrual periods and new mothers can feel extra sensitive in that area after child birth.  The front wash feature built into most bidets will leave you feeling fresh and clean without the use of harsh cleaning products. Using bidets can also reduce the likelihood of UTI's and yeast infections.

Very gentle on skin

Nearly all modern bidets use tiny air bubbles that are infused into the water stream of the main nozzle. This provides a very soothing feeling and is gentle enough for sensitive skin and effective enough to thoroughly clean the area.  No more wiping such a sensitive area with that rough dry paper. 

Perfect for Seniors

As we get older, we all experience diminished strength in our arms, legs and hands, making using the restroom a more difficult task. Bidets help reduce the need of a care taker assisting you in the wiping phase of using the restroom.  Use a bidet to help restore your privacy and increase your independence.

Avoid clogged toilets

Bidets fully eliminate the risk of a clogged toilet.  By using only water, you never run the risk of overflowing your toilet and having to deal with a messy cleanup again.  Also, the use of so called "flushable" wet wipes has created a disaster for our sewer systems and can cause costly plumbing repairs.

The Ultimate Luxury

Bidets are the ultimate luxury in personal self care and the perfect bathroom upgrade. With advanced features such as warm seats, instant warm water, oscillating nozzles and fully adjustable controls, you will wonder why you waited so long to get one.

Eliminate Odors

One of the lesser known features of most bidets are the deodorizers.  Modern bidets use active carbon filtration systems and fans that will deodorize the air before any unpleasant smells can escape from the bowl. No need to try to cover up the smell with a fragrance spray or candle.

Stay Clean, Stay Confident

Everyone knows that feeling of confidence that comes along with being fresh and clean after a nice shower. Now you can have that same shower clean feeling anytime you use the restroom.  Trust us, after using a bidet, you will ask yourself how you ever lived without one.