Will a Bidet seat fit on my toilet?

For the most part, yes. 98% of toilets come in standard sizes and are built in two-pieces, the tank and the bowl. The most important thing to keep in mind is the shape of your existing toilet. The 2 industry standards are Round and Elongated. Once you determine the shape of your toilet, you would simply order the matching shape bidet seat. Check out our Bidet Fitting Guide for instructions on how to make sure you bidet seat will fit on your toilet. There are rare exceptions to keep in mind though. For example, if you have what's called a 1 piece toilet like the Kohler San Raphael or Rialto, where the tank and the bowl are one solid piece most bidet seats won't fit those models.

Can I install a Bidet seats without a plumber?

Absolutely! Installing a bidet seat is the perfect DYI upgrade that will elevate your bathroom and lifestyle in less than 30 minutes. There are no changes to the actual plumbing that needs to be made. Simply, remove you existing seat, install the mounting bracket, install the T connection and hoses to your tank and you're done. Everything that is needed for installation is included with the Bidet kit.

Do Bidet seats require power?

Most of our modern smart bidets do require to be plugged into a GFCI outlet to provide all the features, like heated seats, auto open seats, nightlights, instant warm water, ect. If you do not have a GFCI outlet nearby, hiring an electrician is highly recommended to add an outlet nearby. We also offer non-powered bidets if you are unable to provide power.

Do I need to supply a hot water connection?

No. The water heaters are built into the bidets themselves. They tap into regular water line using the included T connection and warm the water using a hybrid warm water heater, a tank system or an instant warm water heater.

Why should I use a Bidet?

Simply put, they clean you better than a dry piece of paper ever could. We all know that wiping something with a dry piece of paper doesn't clean much of anything. Bidets provide you a shower like cleanliness every time you use it. I'm confident that anyone that uses a bidet for the first time will never go back and will wonder how they ever lived without one. Take a look at our Top Bidet Benefits page for more information.

Who should buy a Bidet?

Everyone! Bidets are for anyone that wants to feel fresh and clean every time they use the restroom and also share a higher sense of personal hygiene. Bidets are also very popular with senior citizens and anyone that requires assistance to clean themselves like people recovering from surgery and people with physical disabilities.

Will I use less toilet paper?

Absolutely. The average bidet user decreases the amount of toilet paper usage by 80% or more. Most modern bidets include a drying fan built into it. So for those that prefer to go touchless from beginning to end, a bidet will be your new best friend.

Can I return my order?

Bidetlove accepts returns on New and Unused items within 30 days of being shipped. New and unused condition means the item has never been installed and can be returned in re-sealable condition with the original packaging. Due to the personal hygienic type of products we carry, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on anything that has been used or installed in anyway. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges.

Do I need to contact you if I want to return my order?

Yes. Please contact us at to request an RMA# to initiate the return process. Return request must be made within 30 days of your shipment date.

How can I cancel my order?

If the order hasn't shipped yet, we can cancel it and issue you a refund. If the item has already shipped and you plan on refusing the delivery and letting it come back to us, you will be issued a refund minus a 20% restocking fee which is our shipping and handling cost.

When do you ship my order?

If the order is placed before 12pm PST the items will ship out on the same day in most cases. All orders will ship out within 2 business days.

What if my ordered item isn't working correctly?

All products we offer come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please review the paperwork that came with the item to follow the process on filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer. If the item was damages due to shipping, please see the question below.

What if my ordered was damaged during shipping?

If your order appears to be damaged due to shipping, do not take posession of the package. Take pictures of the damages and keep the paperwork and refuse delivery. If you do take possession and later notice to the packaging, make sure you keep all the original packaging until it’s determined that a shipping insurance claim is required. If any original packaging materials are thrown away we cannot file a claim on your behalf and you waive your right to a return or exchange. Please contact us within 30 days of your shipment date so we can file a claim and start the process of replacing your product.

How does the warranty work?

All of our bidets come with a minimum of a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Many models come with even longer warranties depending which one you choose. Extended warranties are also offered during the checkout process.